The DaklaPack Group is easily characterized as open and direct. Our doors are always open to welcome you in to discuss and exchange ideas to start our working relationship. We also welcome feedback from yourselves to further professionalize our organization.

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Dave Klaassen

I set the blueprint, focus mainly on innovation and work together with our internal marketing team. I am someone who sees opportunities and grabs them with both hands, pushes boundaries and is constantly looking for new innovative ideas, products and services. What makes me tick? To see our business partners achieve success with the use of our products.

DaklaPack is a well-oiled machine with huge ambitions. We set very high standards to stand out from the crowd. Our passionate and knowledgeable team help to achieve this. I therefore think it is fun and important to give young passionate people the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. I am always switched on to Packaging; fulfilment and IT keep me busy every day of the week. I think it’s amazing how my ideas and enthusiasm spread through the company and goals are achieved through the work of our amazing team.

I clear my thoughts mostly through windsurfing –
it's great to play with the elements wind and water.

Ronald van Koert
Commercial Director

As commercial director it is my goal to create an environment in which talented sales personnel can perform at their best. Motivation is the keyword! I’m focused, energetic and love the dynamics within our company. As we demand a lot from our colleagues, the atmosphere can sometimes become tense; it is my job to provide the right balance.

At DaklaPack we work with passion. We are creative, innovative, and have vast amounts of specific knowledge. Packaging is an experience! We see our customers as business partners and, together with our highly motivated professional sales team, we want to achieve and improve their success by means of high quality packaging.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking especially BBQ, to work away the added kilos I enjoy running and biking.

Rik Eggink
Technical Director

As Technical Director, my responsibilities are to oversee the development and production of innovative packaging and shipping materials. I ensure our products are produced correctly and delivered on time.

Most of our packaging consists of multilayer plastics, each layer having a specific property. Together with my team, we are involved in both the beginning and end phases of development and production. I am enthusiastic, motivated, well-organized and hold vast amounts of valuable knowledge. I have a versatile role and enjoy conveying my knowledge to others.

I am a loyal supporter of my sportive children, found spectating at the football field every Saturday and in the winter found mostly at the ice rink. I keep myself healthy by playing tennis and jogging.

Waling de Jong
Financial Director

As Financial Director I am responsible for providing financial reports, with detailed reports from my team we can see clearly how our company is performing and make timely adjustments if necessary. Our company is growing fast it is also my job to manage this effectively.

At DaklaPack no two days are the same, we have a casual atmosphere and the management team has a keen eye for employees. Job satisfaction is important and our people have the opportunity to develop themselves. I ensure my team is working efficiently whilst remaining calm. What you see is what you get.

I enjoy listening to music as well as my new hobby Golf. Golfing is great I enjoy being outside, meeting new people and laughing at out beginners mistakes.

Jelle Jeths
Chief Operation Officer

My passion? Inventing new products and solutions. The best ideas are usually formed by brainstorming with my colleagues and by simply experimenting. I am creative, technically minded and driven by success.

As well as innovation, my daily activities include the quality control of products and services produced at facilities in the Netherlands and China. Together with my team, we ensure that all products produced are to our customers’ specifications and satisfaction. DaklaPack is always growing to meet market needs, and I find this dynamic fantastic.

In my spare time I enjoy driving classic cars, I love the smell of a classic leather interior and classic technique.